Lessons I Learned at Band Camp

Band camp has received something of a negative reputation thanks to the infamous phrase “this one time, at band camp…” uttered in the 1999 teen classic “American Pie.” But as anyone who’s spent long, hot summer days marching outside on a football field with an instrument in hand knows, campers leave with some valuable life lessons. I’ve called upon fellow bandos and my own memories as a former band camper to put together the top 10 lessons learned at band camp.

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“One more time” does not mean just one more time.

– Katie Rose Hand, trombone player


Early is on time, on time is late
and late is unacceptable.

– Lauren Kudlick, tenor saxophone player


Gush and go: the art of the 30-second water break.

– Madison Flager, former oboe player


Don’t trust bass drummers: they will bump into you while you’re sprinting backwards and make you do a front flip.

– Gil Feig, former alto saxophone player


It’s so hot – milk was a bad choice.

– Joey Wiggins, former baritone player

The easiest way to spot a bando: a sock tan.

– Madison Flager, former oboe player


Never forget the essentials: sunscreen and bug spray.

– Amy Whitman, colorguard member


There is no correlation between someone’s GPA and his or her ability to stand directly behind another person.

– Harry Flager, former drum major and horn player


There is a sense of power and joy
that comes from collectivity.

– Alanna Browdy, former trombone player


No matter what else you do, push through to the end and leave your heart on the field.

– Alyssa Weiner, former clarinet player


Written by Madison Flager
Designed by Katy Jones