Empty Nest Survival Guide

It’s that time of year again. The rugrats are away at camp, and you suddenly feel empty. For about the past 10 months, you’ve been in a coffee-induced haze — bouncing back and forth among school, soccer practice and everything in between. Now it has all come to an abrupt halt. What are you supposed to do with this new thing your friends call free time? There’s no need to have a staring contest with the wall. We at Solstice have got you covered. Here are some fun activities to combat your empty nest syndrome.

Empty Nest Survival Guide


Have you seen Breaking Bad?
You should probably watch Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad


That jigsaw puzzle in the attic isn’t going to finish itself.



Remember how you keep telling everyone that you are going to learn the piano? You’ve got no excuses now.



If you are married or in a committed relationship, try to rekindle the romance. You can’t scar the kids if they aren’t in the house.



Have a party at your house. But with actual adults – not clowns, balloons or mediocre magicians.



Paint that guest room your spouse is always nagging you about.


Finish the Harry Potter series so your friends will stop silently judging you.

Harry Potter


Watch a movie at the local theater. Now when your co-workers are discussing the movie, you don’t have to secretly Google summaries on Wikipedia and IMDb.



Make a delicious, four-course meal. The kids aren’t here, so you don’t have to pretend that you enjoy broccoli.



Send plenty of letters to your kids and lie to them about how much fun you’re having.


Written by Ben Coley
Designed by Addie McElwee