Camp Trivia

Test your camp knowledge with this quiz!


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#1 What was a reason for the creation of boys camps in the 1880s?

#2 Which statement relates to the origins of the song “Kumbaya”?

#3 Which group of celebrities went to the acting camp Stagedoor Manor?

#4 Which statement helps explain the presence of religious practices at camp?

#5 What reason do parents NOT give for sending their children to camp?

#6 Which was the least important step of running a camp, according to a 2015 American Camp Association survey?

#7 The Counselor-In-Training program stemmed from:

#8 Camp Lightbulb, Camp Highlight and Camp Osiris are:

#9 Which of the following was an activity among the first Girl Scouts?

#10 Harand Camp is known as one of the first:

#11 What percentage of U.S. camps do NOT allow campers to use personal electronic devices?

#12 Which of the following is not a pop culture take on summer camps?

#13 When did the Girl Scouts first appear?

#14 When did the YMCA create its first boys camp?

#15 Which of the following is a real camp?