What Type of Camp Counselor Are You?

What Type of Camp Counselor Are You? Camp counselors are a unique bunch of people. Here are a few distinct characters that you’ve probably run into at your camp. Which one are you?     Written by Lizzie Goodell Designed by Carolyn Bahar YOU MAY ALSO LIKE:    

Prank Wars

Prank Wars: The Best of Summer Camp Pranks There is almost no place in the world where folly is as much appreciated as it is at summer camp — in fact, it’s encouraged. And more often than not, the masterminds behind it are your camp counselors. Beloved by all and feared by many, they’ve invented […]

The Burden of Cost

The Burden of Cost High overhead costs for camps often have a direct impact on camper registration fees, making camp less affordable for the American middle class. When Chloe Ganias was 8 years old, her mom made her a deal. If she maintained three days of complete misery — meaning not one smile or laugh, […]

Lessons I Learned at Band Camp

Lessons I Learned at Band Camp Band camp has received something of a negative reputation thanks to the infamous phrase “this one time, at band camp…” uttered in the 1999 teen classic “American Pie.” But as anyone who’s spent long, hot summer days marching outside on a football field with an instrument in hand knows, […]

Three Tips for Aspiring College Athletes

Three Tips for Aspiring College Athletes There are two main reasons why millions of high school athletes around the country attend summer sports camps. The first of these is to improve their individual skills, and the other is to gain the attention of the coaches in attendance. By impressing coaches at exposure camps — including […]

International Counselors in America

International Counselors in America France, Spain, Germany, Mexico and the United Kingdom — the list goes on and on. Every summer, young adults from all over the world are drawn to the United States to be camp counselors. It is a great opportunity for them to have a summer job while they soak up the […]

Camp Stories from our Readers

Camp Stories from our Readers Camp is for making memories, whether they make you blush, shake your head or roll on the floor laughing. Here are some camp memories from our readers. They have chosen to keep their identity secret, for what happens at camp should sometimes stay at camp.   Written by Shelbi Webb […]


Q&A with American Camp Association CEO Tom Holland When it comes to summer camp, children don’t focus on much other than swimming, making friends and taking part in camp activities. But for parents, it’s hard not to think about the money coming out of their wallet. Most camps in the United States offer scholarships as […]

Empty Nest Survival Guide

Empty Nest Survival Guide It’s that time of year again. The rugrats are away at camp, and you suddenly feel empty. For about the past 10 months, you’ve been in a coffee-induced haze — bouncing back and forth among school, soccer practice and everything in between. Now it has all come to an abrupt halt. […]

Hidden Gems

  Written by Madison Glager Designed by Kearney Ferguson YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: