Ending the Silence

“Ending the Silence” is an infographic magazine about Human Trafficking created as a class project by the students of MEJO 484: “Infographics” in the School of Media and Journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill during the spring 2019 semester. My professor, Terence Oliver, asked me to take on the role of Art Director of the class. Therefore, I was responsible for leading the team, developing the style guidelines for the project and organizing the spreads into a complete project to turn in at the end.

Under the guidance of my professor, I chose a color palette and illustration style that would be visually engaging while simultaneously evoking the severity of the subject matter, all without taking away from the topic at hand. Each student in the class was responsible for one page, or one half of a spread. As art director, I was charged with designing the front and back covers, in addition to making final changes to each spread before publication to ensure consistency.

I am so thankful for the experience that I gained as art director, and am very proud of the end product. Thanks so much to Professor Oliver, all of my classmates and everyone else who helped along the way!


Human Trafficking Magazine

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