A showcase of my illustration, infographic, UX, animation and print design work, made mostly with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Photoshop and After Effects.



A job search organization website created from a prompt to solve a digital problem.

GI Tract Animation

A group project created for the UNC School of Medicine.

Magazine Design

A newspaper class project inspired by

Human Trafficking Magazine

My first experience Art Directing for an infographic magazine class project.

A Look Inside BB-8

An infographic explaining the 5 W's and anatomy of BB-8.


A website for the multi-platform media company I created in MEJO 484: Media Design.

Spider-Man Spread

A magazine spread inspired by The New Yorker magazine featuring an illustration of Spider-Man.

Magazine Website

A website for the Solstice student magazine, created with BootStrap and WordPress.

Morning Coffee Animation

A motion graphic created to practice employing the 12 Principles of Animation.
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